Recent Developments in Freeform Fabrication of Dense Ceramics From Slurry Deposition

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Cesarano TIl, Joseph
Baer, Thomas A.
Calvert, Paul

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A freeform fabrication technique for dense ceramics and composites has been developed. The technique requires less than 2 volume percent of organic additives and relies on the principle of layerwise deposition of highly loaded colloidal slurries. Components can be manufactured into complex geometries with thick solid sections as well as with thin-walled sections with high aspect ratios. Process feasibility and quality is dependent on the processing parameters ofsolids loading, slurry rheology, deposition rate, and drying rate. These interrelated parameters must be controlled so that sintering defects are prevented and shape tolerance is maintained. A review of this freeform fabrication technique, called robocasting, will be discussed for fabrication of aluminum oxide parts. Recent developments for a finite element analysis technique for modelling the drying process will also be presented.


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