Integrating AM into Existing Companies - Selection of Existing Parts for Increase of Acceptance

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Kruse, A.
Reiher, T.
Koch, R.

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University of Texas at Austin


In many branches in the design engineer department, product designs are just variations of existing parts. To bring the additive manufacturing technology closer to the Designer, it is necessary to show them which of their existing, conventionally manufactured parts can be produced with this technology. A part selection methodology supports designers in the decision whether a part is suitable for additive manufacturing or not. Due to the potential of the technology, which was especially seen in the aerospace industries, many criteria of the methodology were initially adapted for this industry. Furthermore the methodology is based on a quantified weighting system, which comes to a certain subjectivity. For future use, a development towards a less subjective methodology should be accomplished. Through a more detailed adaption for individual industries and a simplification of the input mode, the objectivity of the criteria can be increased. Likewise, the input time can be reduced by simplifying the questioning. A more efficient part selection will be achieved by a better weighting system. In the BMBF project “OptiAMix” this methodology is supposed to be further developed for highly different branches. By a better weighting system, the part selection will be more efficient. Therefore, the willingness for the use of the improved selection and for the additive manufacturing technology will be increased.


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