Methods and apparatus for diagnostic multispectral digital imaging

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Rebecca R. Richards-Kortum
Michele Follen
Urs Utzinger
Calum MacAuldy

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


Methods and apparatus for generating multispectral images of tissue. The multispectral images may be used as a diagnostic tool for conditions such as cervical cancer detection and diagnosis. Primary radiation is produced with an illumination source. The primary radiation is filtered to select a first wavelength and a first polarization. Tissue is illuminated with the filtered primary radiation to generate secondary radiation, which is filtered to select a second wavelength and a second polarization. The filtered secondary radiation is collected with a detector, and a plurality of multispectral images of the tissue is generated according to different combinations of first and second wavelengths and first and second polarization with an analysis unit in operable relation with the detector. Apparatus utilizing the invention include endoscopes and colposcopes.



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