Robotic Applications of Mechanical Metamaterials Produced Using SLA 3D Printing: Cthulhu-Morphic Grippers

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Solomon, E.
Yerazunis, W.S.

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University of Texas at Austin


Presented in this paper is a 3D printed flexible robotic gripper which has three individual independently actuated tentacles, each with two sections, and a combined 12 degrees of freedom (DoF); produced through the creation of a mechanical metamaterial via SLA 3D printing. This gripper was built to improve upon existing soft robotic technologies by creating a highly versatile gripping device which can hold a wide variety of items. This gripper is capable of the fine motor control necessary to hold a pen or a small screw, the gross motor strength to hold a sledge hammer, and the grip span to hold a shop-vac air filter. Grip strengths and failure modes for various gripping configurations are measured. With an axial lift capacity well in excess of 100N, this gripper is strong enough to be useful in industrial applications. Potential industrial uses include warehouse or assembly line bin-picking and cobot operations.


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