Tensegrity unit, structure and method for construction

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Katherine A. Liapi

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


Tensegrity units may be used to form a tensegrity structure. Each tensegrity unit may include n face tension members, n continuous tension members, and n compression members. A bracket for the tensegrity unit may allow for adjustment of position of portions of the tension members when the tensegrity unit is not in a deployed state. The tension members may be coupled to the tensegrity unit so that there are no loose tension member ends. The unit may be deployed from a collapsed state by positioning the compression members and tension members in a proper orientation and adjusting the length of at least one compression member. Adjusting the length of at least the one compression member may allow tension to be applied to each tension member. A tensegrity structure may be formed from tensegrity units by joining a number of tensegrity units together.



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