Henery, Celeste

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“At the time I entered the group, it was not the Meninas de Sinhá yet…I went for the first time and thought it was interesting to be together. It was not because of the dancing…it was not because of the singing… but because we were together, learning from each other, this made me feel good…because I was a very closed person and kept everything inside of me. It was interesting to be among other people. Some say things that I don’t like much…others say things that I think are nice, but that is people and we feel good when we all talk together. That is the reason I am in the group until today…more for this: to be together. Each time it is my turn to talk, I say that is very important for us to communicate with other people. Many [new group members] have been born, many have already died and I tell stories about them as if they were with us. I say, “Nobody ends… they are part of the history.” They passed on and others are joining in, but we have to keep saying that they are part of us. That’s the way I think…it is good to be together, helping each other…singing or laughing together.” (July 2006)


Betim, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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