Understanding Migration: T-Chart Activity—Brazil

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Arsenault, Natalie
Rose, Christopher
Phillips, Jennifer Jordan
Azulay, Allegra
Meyer, Rachel
Giles, Terry

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Section 3 contains a series of parallel activities that explore specific real-world examples of migration. Each short unit contains a simple reading, written for a middle-level audience, a T-chart activity, and a writing prompt, which can be done as an individual class assignment, in small groups, as an entire class, or as homework. Case Study 1: Rural-Urban Migration in Brazil. Brazil is one of many Latin American countries that has faced a trend of rural-urban migration. People in the countryside are poor, and move to try to find a better life in Brazil's cities. But they often lack the skills to get good jobs, and are forced to live in favelas (shantytowns). This activity asks students to think about why people from rural areas would choose to stay or go to the big cities.


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