Survey of Ground Transportation Patterns at the Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport. Part I, Description of Study

Dunlay, William J.
Caffery, Thomas G.
Henry, Lyndon
Wiersig, Douglas W.
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Council for Advanced Transportation Studies

This report describes a survey of ground transportation at the Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport conducted to obtain data for calibrating models of airport trip generation, and also models of route and mode choice to the airport. Due to the special nature of the data required for this purpose, significant modifications had to be made to the usual procedures of conducting airport-specific access surveys described in previous studies. A separate survey was made of each of the three principal components of ground traffic at the airport: (1) air passengers and visitors riding in automobiles; (2) air passengers and visitors riding on public transportation (Surtran); and (3) airport employees. In addition. counts of passengers and vehicles were obtained for use in determining and expanding the sample. Detailed descriptions of the instruments and procedures used in each type of survey are contained in the report. This report, Part I, describes the methodology and performance of the physical travel survey itself. A preliminary analysis of results is provided in a companion report, Part II, which is forthcoming.

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