On heart & hiding : a thesis

Marinelli, Daria Miyeko
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Across my three years of study at The University of Texas at Austin, I have long been asked to put more of myself into my work. This thesis is my last attempt. The following is a document discussing my artistic successes and failures across three of my plays: 30 Floods, A Departure, and Ravenous, following by the texts of those plays. I trace my proclivities towards innovation, choice, and paradoxical thinking in my work and analyze instances where such artistic habits both deepened and cheapened my work. I also discuss my tendencies to discuss wildness in my work and my thinking around approaching my work as a form of leadership. The work concludes with a self-conscious statement that identifies many of these habits as both a form of self-identification and a self-obscuring, and calls for future artistic endeavors to be ones in which I am fully myself and try not to hide behind my artistic habits, but instead to let them inhabit me for a stronger actualization of the work. To wit, I label a propensity towards hiding and self-consciousness as a detractor of my work and conclude with a self-directed prayer urging myself to hide less and show more heart in my future work