Analytical and Experimental Characterization of Anisotropic Mechanical Behaviour of Infill Building Strategies for Fused Deposition Modelling Objects

Cunico, Marlon Wesley Machado
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University of Texas at Austin

As consequence of the 3d printing extraordinary rising along the last years, product development fields are facing new challenges. In addition, it is notary that low cost additive manufacturing, as such fused filament fabrication (FFF), result in objects with anisotropic mechanical behaviour. Nevertheless, there is still lacking studies that highlight a proper specification of those mechanical proprieties. For that reason, the main goal of this work is to present a mechanical characterization of anisotropic behaviour of FFF objects as a function of infill strategy using a finite element method. In this work, the main effect of building parameters were investigated in addition the identification of generalized elasticity and failure mode formulations. By the end, the general recommendation for objects building was sketched in order to support new strength based developments.