Developing the framework for measuring 500 keV averaged fission product yields using [gamma]-[gamma] coincidence spectroscopy

De Luna, Brandon Alexander
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The scope of this dissertation is set on the development of a facility toward fast neutron irradiations with pneumatic sample transfer. Coverage will be made over the progression of constructing the fast neutron irradiation facility and the difficulties encountered along the way. This will also provide insight into the selection of various materials for in-core and ex-core use in the facility and address concerns for heating in the in-core facility. It will discuss the methodology toward the collection and analysis of γ-γ coincidence spectra of fission and activation products resulting from fission-spectrum neutron induced fission of ²³⁵U and ²³⁸U. MCNP and SCALE modeling are performed with application toward fission product yield analysis and γ-γ coincidence spectral outputs.