Worskshop to Establish a Framework for Cooperative Studies Between Gulf Coast State Surveys and the USGS

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The Director of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Dr. Charles Groat (recently retired), and the state geologists of the Gulf Coast States of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas have long recognized that there are many common interests among the state and federal geologic surveys in this region. Coastal erosion, tropical storm effects and response, wetlands loss, coastal aquifers, subsidence, changes in sea level, sand resources, and the impacts of development on the coastal zone are a few of the many issues. The individual state agencies and the USGS each have their own defined areas of responsibility, but the commonalities are overlapping and differences do not preclude collaboration. The collaborative studies envisioned by the USGS and the surveys would be consistent with the USGS Plan for a Comprehensive National Coastal Program and the Coastal Zone Program in the Gulf Coast.

Meetings among the states began in 2001, and a formal consortium of all Gulf Coast Geological Surveys was formed. Limited funding made it difficult for states to continue their collaborative efforts at an adequate level of activity, and the USGS was asked to provide funding to encourage these promising beginnings to a more integrated approach to studies of the Gulf of Mexico coastal zone.


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