Research on Microstructure and Properties of Medium Carbon Steel Parts Manufactured by HDMR Technology

Zhang, Haiou
Jian, Hu
Wang, Guilan
Qi, He
Xie, Yang
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University of Texas at Austin

A new study on manufacturing medium carbon steel parts by HDMR (Hybrid Deposition and Micro Rolling) technology was carried out, and the microstructures and mechanical properties obtained by HDMR process and freeform arc deposition process respectively were tested and compared in this paper. The experiment results show that: compared with the freeform arc deposition process, the grain size number obtained by HDMR process increased from 3.0 to 9.0;the tensile strength and yield strength were increased by 37.1%, 68.6%,in contrast to the investment casting, increased by 65.4% and 107.7%; compared with the forging, the tensile strength and yield strength were increased by 12.9% and 31.4% respectively. Finally, a medium carbon 45 steel aeronautical part difficult to overlay was manufactured successfully by HDMR technology, thus a new efficient way for additive manufacturing of hard-shaping metal parts at high-quality with low-cost was provided.