Fundamental Limitations and Design Considerations for Compensated Pulsed Alternators

Weldon, W.F.
Bird, W.L
Driga, M.D
Tolk, K.M
Rylander, H.G
Woodson, H.H.
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Since the beginning of a project intended to demonstrate the feasibility of using a compensated pulsed alternator (compulsator) as a power supply for NOVA and other solid state laser systems, a great deal of interest has been generated in applying this type of machine to supply energy for other types of loads. This paper outlines the fundamental limitations imposed on the design of such a machine by the mechanical, thermal, magnetic, and electrical properties of the materials used. Using these limitations, the power and energy available from the machine are calculated as functions of machine dimensions. Several configurations for the machine and their relative merits for various applications are also discussed.

W.F. Weldon, W. L. Bird, M. D. Driga, K. M. Tolk, H. G. Rylander, H. H. Woodson, “Fundamental limitations and design considerations for compensated pulsed alternators,” 2nd IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference, Lubbock, Texas, U.S.A., June 12-14, 1979.