Exploring Teacher and Student Perceptions of the Impact of Two Recess Periods per Day

Erwin, Heather
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Texas Education Review

Purpose: The primary purpose of this study was to explore teacher and student perceptions of the implementation of two recess periods per day. Method: Participants were 12 teachers (representing all grade levels and areas) and 13 students (representing all grade levels) from a K-5 elementary school in the Southeastern United States. All participants took part in interviews regarding their perceptions towards having two recess periods per day. Data analysis included transcribing data, detecting preliminary themes through constant comparison, and narrowing of themes from preliminary themes. Results: Five themes were ultimately revealed: Activity, behavior and student engagement, quantity vs. quality, socialization, and teacher-student “contract.” Conclusions: A school-wide policy of two recess periods per day was perceived positively by faculty and students because they believed students are more active, stronger bonds formed between students and teachers, primary children played together, earlier, and lessons had more depth and intensity.