An Aerospace Integrated Component Application Based on Selective Laser Melting: Design, Fabrication and Fe Simulation

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Liu, Fei
Jingchao, Wang
Zhi, Tan
Bin, Liu
Yue, Guo
Zhang, David Z.

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University of Texas at Austin


Developments in Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies have enabled the integrated manufacturing of complex structures with multifunctional performances. Selective Laser Melting (SLM), as one of them, becomes the candidate for production of metallic aviation spaceflight structures because of its high precision for controlling architecture and excellent performance. An aerospace component named Upper-stage Cabin was selected for integrated design without connectors, and then manufactured by a SLM system using Ti-6Al-4V powder. The dimensional accuracy of the component was verified through testing; It’s mechanical response was analyzed under compressive loading test, compared with the results of numerical simulation. The study found that SLM technology is an effective means for integrated design and manufacture of Upper-stage Cabin structures for aerospace. The dimensional precision of the complex integrated structures formed by SLM meets the application requirements. The formed integrated components have achieved good mechanical properties, which promote the application of this technology in aerospace field.


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