A lukewarm response to climate change : across Texas, teachers face obstacles to covering a politicized subject in their classrooms

Anchondo, Carlos Jorge
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Climate change — or long-term changes in the Earth’s climate — is a highly debated topic of conversation in modern society. Widely discussed in political arenas and in the media, climate change is still relatively new as a topic taught in schools. In Texas, teachers face a number of obstacles to educating their students about climate change and its impacts. These barriers include — but are not limited to — a lack of personal knowledge on the subject, a fear that they will be accused of advancing a political agenda, the complexity of the topic and a lack of state education standards around climate change. This is the environment teachers such as Nina Corley, in Galveston, and Melissa Michalak, in Helotes, navigate as they cover the highly politicized topic. These teachers, just two among thousands, each have their own approach to covering the material, but both strongly believe the subject needs to be taught