Modeling and Fabrication of Heterogeneous Three-Dimensional Objects Based on Additive Manufacturing

Huang, Pu
Deng, Dongping
Chen, Yong
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University of Texas at Austin

Heterogeneous object modeling and fabrication has been studied in the past few decades. Recently the idea of digital materials has been demonstrated by using Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes. Our previous study illustrated that the mask-image-projection based Stereolithography (MIP-SL) process is promising in fabricating such heterogeneous objects. In the paper, we present an integrated framework for modeling and fabricating heterogeneous objects based on the MIP-SL process. Our approach can achieve desired grading transmission between different materials in the object by considering the fabrication constraints of the MIP-SL process. The MIP-SL process planning of a heterogeneous model and the hardware setup for its fabrication are also presented. Test cases including physical experiments are performed to demonstrate the possibility of using heterogeneous materials to achieve desired physical properties. Future work on the design and fabrication of objects with heterogeneous materials is also discussed.