The fried room

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Dana, Andrew

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The Fried Room is a meditation on empty space. The primary electronic material consists of drones derived from the faint mechanical hum of the rooms in my apartment. To capture these recordings, I used a mixture of digital and tape recorders, analog processing techniques, and feedback, inspired by the work of composers Éliane Radigue and Alvin Lucier. By using these sounds, I strove to create a hyperreal sense of place on the stage of a concert hall – using sounds primarily associated with bad recordings in a space associated with ‘clean’ instrumental technique and silence. Throughout, the instruments punctuate and exaggerate the dynamics of these room sounds, and musically interpret the rooms’ resonant frequencies as chords and ostinati. Inspired by spectralism, free jazz, and lo-fi recordings, The Fried Room is about taking the aspects of recordings that a listener most often takes for granted and putting them front and center, using background sound as a primary musical parameter.



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