Presentation: When the Earth Quakes




Marrett, Randall
Environmental Science Institute

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Environmental Science Institute



Earthquakes are at once fascinating and terrifying.The experience most people have of earthquakes is limited to what happens at the surface of the Earth where we live, however most of the action takes place at depth within the Earth. Geologists have come to an understanding of how earthquakes work through a combination of direct observations at the surface, indirect observations of the Earth’s interior, and rock experiments. This lecture will combine these approaches to provide an overview of what we know about earthquakes and what we still have to learn. What makes earthquakes happen? How are earthquakes measured? Where do earthquakes occur? Are we at risk in Austin? How do earthquakes damage our property and injure people? Can earthquakes be predicted? Answers to these questions will be illustrated with numerous real examples, some of which are right here in Austin.

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