Pulsed power electromechanics - permanent magnets versus copper coils

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Davey, K.R.
Hebner, R.E.

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A number of emerging military systems operate using short, repetitive, high-power pulses. Rotating electromechanical machines incorporating inertial storage are natural candidates for supplying these high power pulses. The short duty cycle characteristic of these devices introduces an interesting physics trade off in the choice of field excitation. A quantitative comparison of permanent magnet machines to copper coil systems is performed on an equal weigh basis. The results indicate that copper coil based systems using exciters are superior to permanent magnet counterparts in pulsed applications of 20 s and less. The recommended use of copper coils becomes stronger when the issues of magnet life due to vibration, thermal cycling, and slot harmonic heating are considered.


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K.R. Davey and R.E. Hebner, “Pulsed power electromechanics - permanent magnets versus copper coils,” Proceedings, 26th International Power Modulator Symposium and 2004 High Voltage Workshop, San Francisco, California, U.S.A., May 23-26, 2004, pp. 318-321.