Mineral Resource Assessment of Lands Administered by the Texas General Land Office in the Franklin Mountains, El Paso County, Texas


The Franklin Mountains, with relief as great as 2,700 feet, bound the west edge of the northwest Hueco Basin. El Paso lies at the southern margin of the mountains where they terminate at the Rio Grande. The mountain range, a west-dipping, tilted fault block that trends northerly, is composed of a relatively continuous stratigraphic section of Precambrian through Permian rocks that are locally intruded by Tertiary igneous rocks (Harbour, 1972; LeMone, 1982, 1988). Quaternary alluvial-fan deposits have built up off the edge of the mountains into the adjacent basins (Raney and Collins, 1994a, b). Tertiary to Quaternary basin-fill fluvial and older lacustrine deposits rarely crop out. We have compiled the geology of the El Paso and North Franklin Mountain quadrangles, which are enclosed in the pocket at the back of this report.


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