Research Reports from the Programme for Belize Archaeological Project, Volume Seven




Aylesworth, Grant
Valdez, Fred Jr
Hyde, David M.

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University of Texas at Austin


Table of Contents : Background and Introduction to the 2012 Season of the Programme for Belize Archaeological Project / by Fred Valdez, Jr. and Grant Aylesworth (p.1-6) -- The Architecture and Environs of Structure 3: 2012 Season / by Debora Trein (p.7-34) -- Report of the 2012 Excavations at the South Ballcourt of La Milpa, Operation A6 / by David Chatelain (p.35-38) -- Overview of the 2012 La Milpa Archaeological Field Season / by Brandon s. Lewis, Yoav Me-Bar, Scott Guzman, and Leon de Santillan (p.39-54) -- Several Burials from La Milpa, LM4 in NW Belize / by Stacy Drake (p.55-58) -- Report in the 2012 Excavations at Hun Tun: Operation 5 / by Robyn L. Dodge (p.59-68) -- Research Results of the 2012 Field Season: Excavations at the Tapir Group of the Medicinal Trail Site / by David M. Hyde (p.67-90) -- Mapping Medicinal Trail: A Summary from 2004 to 2012 / by Jeff Brewer, David M. Hyde, and Michael Stowe (p.91-112) -- The 2012 Season of Survey and Excavation at La Milpa North / by Eric J. Heller (p.113-130) -- Preliminary Investigations at RB 71: The 2012 Field Season / by Nicole DeFrancisco and Cory Stevenson (p.131-140) -- Preliminary Report on the 2012 Field Season at Maax Na and Bolsa Verde, Belize / by Eleanor M. King and Leslie C. Shaw (p.141-154) -- Summary Report of Field Investigations at the Site of Dos Hombres, Summer 2012 Season / by Rissa M. Trachman and Jacob A. Canterbury (p.155-164) -- Field Investigations at Chawak But’o’ob: Preliminary Overview of the 2012 Season / Stan Walling (p.165-178) -- Ancient Maya Land Use and Today’s Environment: A Multidisciplinary Research Program / by Nicholas Brokaw (p.179-186) -- Summary Report of the 2012 Obsidian Provenance Project for PfBAP / by Walter Beckwith (p.187-188) -- Application of Low-Field Magnetic Susceptibility to Plaster Floors in Excavation Profiles at Maya Sites in the Three Rivers Region, Belize / by Michael Brennan (p.189)


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