Consuming and performing Black manhood : the Post Hip-Hop Generation and the consumption of popular media and cultural products

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Williams, Adam Clark

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Thirty-three young Black men of the Post-Hip Hop Generation (ages 18-25) in Austin, TX, participated in a qualitative study centering on questions investigating Black manhood, media use, and the consumption of popular cultural products. Further, the researcher examined representations of Black men throughout music videos, films, and MySpace profiles. The purpose of this study was to enhance our knowledge about how Black manhood is being defined, conceptualized, and expressed by young Black men, and how significant media and cultural consumption plays a role in their lives. This study probes six questions:

RQ1: How do young Black males interpret the images and messages about Black men from mainstream media?

RQ2: What types of cultural products are being consumed by young Black men? Why do they consume them?

RQ3: How do young Black males define Black manhood?

RQ4: Do these cultural products influence the ways that young Black men define/express Black manhood? If so, how?

Focus group sessions were conducted throughout the study, which were video recorded and transcribed. Transcriptions were then imported into a qualitative software program known as Atlas.ti, where statements related to the purpose of the study were coded and analyzed. These coded statements were then compared to observations made by the researcher from the examined media representations.



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