9 MJ/Pulse Air Core Compulsator

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Pratap, S.B.
Manifold, S.M
Walls, W.A
Spann, M.L
Weldon, W.F.

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One of the most critical issues in taking electromagnetic gun technology from the laboratory to field applications is the compactness and portability of very high energy, pulsed power supplies. The air core compulsator which is under development at CEM-UT addresses these requirements. The rotor of this machine is made from fiber reinforced epoxy composites and spins at a tip speed of 500 m/s which is substantially higher than is possible with a ferromagnetic rotor. The higher tip speed greatly increases the energy density of the rotor thus reducing the size of the prime power source. The special structural features of this machine, the electrical design, and the cooling system design are discussed.


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S.B. Pratap, S.M. Manifold, W.A. Walls, M.L. Spann, and W.F. Weldon, “9 MJ/pulse air core compulsator,” 6th IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A., June 29-July 1, 1987.