Solid Modeling and Stereolithography as a Solid Freeform Fabrication Technique at Texas Instruments Incorporated

Baumgardner, Owen
Blake, Paul
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Over the past 25 years, the CAE/CAD/CAM industry has developed technological advances that have provided industrial users the ability to increase productivity and decrease the cycle time necessary for product development. These technologies include basic wireframe and surface design, specializedapplication software packages, finite element analysis, numerical control, solid modeling, and rapid prototyping. Each of these technologies plays a significant role in industry today. The Defense Systems & Electronics Group of Texas Instruments currently uses these technologies in the mechanical design engineering process. This paper discusses the two specific technologies of solid modeling and rapid prototyping (specifically stereolithography), including their advantages, benefits, and practical applications within the Texas Instruments Defense Systems & Electronics Group. This paper also discusses the use of stereolithography (SLA) rapid~prototype parts within the solid-mold investment~casting process.