Surficial Geology and Mineral Resources of Sierra Blanca Peak, Hudspeth County, Texas


The Texas General Land Office (GLO) tasked the Bureau of Economic Geology (Bureau) at The University of Texas at Austin with providing information on the geology and potential mineral commodities that may be present in parts of Sections 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, and 23, Block 71, Township 7, T&P Railroad Survey, Hudspeth County, Texas. This area, the focus of this study, is referred to in this report as the "lease area." The lease area is covered by a mining lease between Sierra Blanca Ranch Associates, L. P. and Meridian Aggregates Company (dated June 25, 1998). Adjacent areas are described to place the lease area in its geologic context. The purpose of the project is to provide general information on the geology of the lease area, including a description of the geologic setting, geologic units, and mineral commodities that may be present.

The study is primarily based on a review of available literature and a reconnaissance field investigation. Methods used in this study included compilation of information from published geologic literature, study of available aerial photographs and existing maps, and a brief field investigation of the lease area. Based on this work, a geologic map and cross-section of the lease study area were prepared. Bureau staff led a geologic tour of the lease area for representatives of the Texas Attorney General's Office and the GLO.


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