Accretion Disk Temperatures Of QSOs: Constraints From The Emission Lines




Bonning, E. W.
Shields, Gregory A.
Stevens, A. C.
Salviander, Sarah

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We compare QSO emission-line spectra to predictions based on theoretical ionizing continua of accretion disks. The observed line intensities do not show the expected trend of higher ionization with theoretical accretion disk temperature as predicted from the black hole mass and accretion rate. Consistent with earlier studies, this suggests that the inner disk does not reach temperatures as high as expected from standard disk theory. Modified radial temperature profiles, taking account of winds or advection in the inner disk, achieve better agreement with observation. The emission lines of radio-detected and radio-undetected sources show different trends as a function of the theoretically predicted disk temperature.



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Bonning, E. W., G. A. Shields, A. C. Stevens, and S. Salviander. "Accretion disk temperatures of QSOs: constraints from the emission lines." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 770, No. 1 (Jun., 2013): 30.