Argumengine: A Computer Augmented Approach to Argument Analysis




Davis, T. Alexander

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Arguments are indispensable to reasoning. At their most precise, they are proofs, and form the foundation of mathematics. Still, at lower levels of precision, they are pragmatically useful in everyday life. We argue with ourselves and each other to figure out what we ought to do and believe. Over the eons, we have developed tools for interpreting and modeling arguments. Writing, logic, and math are examples. With the advent of computers, the prospect of using programs to represent arguments became evident. Argumengine is a new addition to this class of programs, aiming to improve upon existing systems.

First, I review the reasons why computerized argumentation systems are useful, and explain how these reasons informed Argumengine. Then, the argument representation structure used by Argumengine will be described, and its suitability for representing arguments will be explored. Next, the core functions of the software will be described and justified. Finally, some examples will be reviewed to demonstrate the system's use.



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