Computerized Inventory of Data on Texas Salt Domes

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Seni, Steven J.
Mullican, William F.
Ozment, R. W.

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Based on our preliminary investigations, we have developed a computerized spreadsheet that compiles relevant information for storing chemical wastes in salt domes in Texas. This inventory serves as a convenient source of dome-related data, including location, physical dimensions, dome structure, surrounding strata, resources, and groundwater information. The database is particularly valuable for organizing data, generating lists, and creating tables to compare different domes and their potential uses and resources.

DATABASE The inventory is stored using System 2000 (S2K), providing users with robust tools for managing the database. With S2K, users can define new databases, modify existing definitions, retrieve and update values, and maintain archival copies with an audit trail of changes.

The structure of the database is hierarchical, comprising data elements and repeating groups. Data elements store numeric or text values, while repeating groups organize related sets of data elements, linking different levels of the database. Output in the form of tables and reports is generated using the "Report Writer" tool.


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