Monoenergetic Acceleration Of A Target Foil By Circularly Polarized Laser Pulse In Rpa Regime Without Thermal Heating




Khudik, V.
Yi, S. A.
Siemon, C.
Shvets, G.

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A kinetic model of the monoenergetic acceleration of a target foil irradiated by the circularly polarized laser pulse is developed. The target moves without thermal heating with constant acceleration which is provided by chirping the frequency of the laser pulse and correspondingly increasing its intensity. In the accelerated reference frame, bulk plasma in the target is neutral and its parameters are stationery: cold ions are immobile while nonrelativistic electrons bounce back and forth inside the potential well formed by ponderomotive and electrostatic potentials. It is shown that a positive charge left behind of the moving target in the ion tail and a negative charge in front of the target in the electron sheath form a capacitor whose constant electric field accelerates the ions of the target. The charge separation is maintained by the radiation pressure pushing electrons forward. The scalings of the target thickness and electromagnetic radiation with the electron temperature are found.



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V. Khudik, S. A. Yi1, C. Siemon and G. Shvets. AIP Conference Proceedings 1507, 803 (Jun., 2012); doi: 10.1063/1.4773801