London's Lost Innovators: Understanding Brexit’s Effect On Venture Capital And Startup Investing In The UK




Khayrattee, Ziyaad A.

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Many still believe London is the center of the world, serving as a hub that connects dynamic markets together. But what happens when those ties are distressed? Since the Brexit vote in the summer of 2016, European markets have been faced with instability and look to an ambiguous future ahead. The purpose of this thesis is to understand how Brexit specifically affects the venture capital (VC) and startup landscape in the UK. By collecting the perspectives of respected academics and industry professionals through interviews and dialogue, the thesis uncovers and principles that influence VCs and startups during socio-economic events such as Brexit. By juxtaposing sentiment analysis with economic data, the findings of this research can also better inform and guide venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers when making decisions in response to Brexit.



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