Cultivating Learning and Safe Environments: An Empirical Study of Prevalence and Perceptions of Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Dating/Domestic Abuse and Violence, and Unwanted Sexual Contact

Busch-Armendariz, Noël B.
Wood, Leila
Kammer-Kerwick, Matt
Kellison, J. Bruce
Sulley, Caitlin
Westbrook, Lynn
Olaya-Rodriguez, Deidi
Hill, Kathleen
Wachter, Karin
Wang, Alexander
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The University of Texas System
Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, The University of Texas at Austin
Bureau of Business Research, The University of Texas at Austin

The Cultivating Learning and Safe Environments (CLASE) (pronounced ‘class’) project is a research study about University of Texas System students’ experiences with sexual harassment, stalking, dating/domestic abuse and violence, and unwanted sexual contact. As part of the study, the University of Texas System conducted the most in-depth survey of sexual assault and misconduct ever undertaken by an institution of higher education in the United States. The survey was completed by more than 28,000 students enrolled at 13 UT institutions across Texas. This report presents the findings of the survey, summarizes existing institutional direct programs that serve students, and reports strategic next steps. The report consists of 11 documents: two aggregate reports (one for academic institutions and one for health institutions), individual reports for the eight academic institutions in the study, and a summary infographic.