Autonomous Structures




Ranalli, George

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Architectural projects and/or sites mentioned: Opéra de Paris (Charles Garnier, 1861-1875) (Paris, France) ; Flatiron Building (Daniel Hudson Burnham, 1901-1902) (New York, New York) ; Allied Chemical Building (Times Tower) (Cyrus Lazelle Warner Eidlitz and Andrew McKenzie and Haines, Lundberg & Waehler, 1904/1963) (New York, New York) ; Helen Hayes Theatre (Herts & Tallant, 1911) (New York, New York) ; First of August (George Ranalli, 1975-1976) (New York, New York) ; Frehley House (unbuilt) (George Ranalli, 1979-1980) (Stratford, Connecticut) ; Callender School Renovation (George Ranalli, 1979-1981) (Newport, Rhode Island) ; Chicago Tribune Tower, Late Entry (unbuilt) (George Ranalli, 1980) (Chicago, Illinois) ; The Peak (unbuilt) (George Ranalli, 1982) (Hong Kong) ; Ranalli Studio (George Ranalli, 1982-1983) (New York, New York) ; Paris Opera (unbuilt) (George Ranalli, 1983) (Paris, France) ; Times Square Plaza (unbuilt) (Philip Johnson and John Burgee, 1983) (New York, New York) ; Viet Nam Memorial (War of Despair: War of Assassins) (unbuilt) (George Ranalli, 1984) (New York, New York) ; Times Tower (unbuilt) (George Ranalli, 1984) (New York, New York) ; 22nd Street Loft (George Ranalli, 1985-1986) (New York, New York) ; Living In A Loft (XVII Triennale di Milano) (George Ranalli, 1985-1986) (Milan, Italy) ; Tower of Silence (George Ranalli, 1990) (Tokyo, Japan) ; G House Expansion (George Ranalli) (New York) ; Residential Reuse of A Barn (George Ranalli) (New York)

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