ERCOT ancillary services and wind generation : the factors that influence the requirements




Huynh, Thuy Thi

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This report presents the impact of wind generation and the factors in the ERCOT market design that have influenced service requirement changes over the years. The CPS1 and contingency reserve requirements from NERC BAL Standards are introduced. The ERCOT ancillary services and the progression of the values from 2007 to 2016 are presented in the report. ERCOT’s economic dispatch and the various inputs and outputs of the dispatch in the Nodal market are explored. This also includes a description of how ancillary services are deployed within the realm of economic dispatch. The Nodal Protocol Revisions and System Change Requests that could influence reserve requirements are provided. The report presents a regression analysis of the ERCOT regulation reserves requirements in intervals of certain Nodal Protocol Revisions, System Change Requests, as well as using installed wind capacity, thermal capacity, daily load statistics and monthly ERCOT CPS1 scores. The regression analysis shows that there is room for more variables to be included and that the economic dispatch may benefit from including some factor of a predicted wind ramp within the dispatch interval.


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