Effects of Build Parameters on the Mechanical and Di-Electrical Properties of AM Parts




Munaganuru, Sai Sri Nidhi
Elenchezian, Muthu Ram Prabhu
Vadlamudi, Vamsee
Shaik, Rauhon Ahmed
Adluru, Hari Kishore
Raihan, Rassel
Reifsnider, Kenneth

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University of Texas at Austin


Additive manufacturing (AM) revolutionized many industries, i.e., Automotive, Biomedical, Aerospace and Defense. As opposed to traditional manufacturing methods, a part is manufactured layer by layer from 3D CAD models in AM. Though the vision of AM is impressive, there are many challenges that are hindering the widespread use of these complex parts. One of the challenges in these materials is defects grow and their orientation during the manufacturing process. In this paper we are going to investigate the effect of Build Parameters and their effects on the mechanical and electrical properties of the additively manufactured heterogeneous material system. We will study the electrical properties to find out the material state of additively manufactured part.


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