Timeshares : an analysis of development processes and methodologies

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Deng, Eden Yide

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Timeshare ownership is a continually increasing market within the real-estate development industry. Marketed both as deeded property ownership and personal investments in heightened vacation experiences, timeshares have been developed, branded and sold in high vacation destinations around the world. From its precarious beginnings to its currently expanding popularity, timeshares have become a profitable and dynamic branch in real-estate development. Today, several international realestate corporations have branded and cornered the timeshare industry with everexpanding development scope and long-term business planning. This professional report will encompass the following five main categories:

  1. An introduction to the timeshares and its development history; 2. Defining the timeshare product, market and clientele;
  2. Analysis of timeshare feasibility planning and business dynamics;
  3. Analysis of timeshare design and development concepts;
  4. Summary and a look to the future of resort development; This professional report will attempt to conceptualize the timeshare development process both through analysis of development concepts and methodologies as well as applying such elements into hypothetical examples. Through the examination of initial project planning, feasibility and cash flow pro forma, and various other programming and design elements, this report will try to present an understanding of the timeshare development process and create a guide for development that can be applicable for real-world use.



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