Notional System Models




Andrus, Mike
Bosworth, Matthew
Crider, Jonathan
Ouroua, Hamid
Santi, Enrico
Sudhoff, Scott

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Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium



The objective of this report is to set forth a group of time-domain models for the early-design stage study of shipboard power systems. These models are highly simplified abstractions of shipboard power system components. The motivation for the simplification is two-fold. First, at an early design stage it is doubtful if the parameters needed for a more detailed system representation would be available. A highly detailed simulation would be based on many assumptions leading to results which are no more indicative of actual performance than a highly simplified simulation. The second reason for the creation of highly simplified model is for the sake of computational speed, so that system simulations based on the component models will run at speeds compatible with the needs imposed by exploring the system behavior under a large variety of conditions.

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