Teacher performance pay : perceptions of practicing administrators and teachers




Rodriguez-Davila, Xochitl Melva

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This study considered the role of the principal plays in the implementation of performance-based pay. A qualitative research approach was taken and a multiple case study approach was employed. The data gathered consisted of three principals and six teachers. To triangulate data, transcripts were reviewed and member checks were utilized. The data analysis applied Bolman and Deal’s organizational frames and two leadership styles: transactional and transformation leadership. Research questions were used to organize discussion and guide the findings. The research questions are: (1) How does the faculty perceive the implementation of the performance-based pay system? (2) How does the principal communicate and facilitate the development and installation of performance-based pay system? (3) How do the teachers perceive the principal’s leadership in the implementation of the performance-based pay system?

Throughout a three-month period, data were collected through individual interviews and analysis of documents. Several themes emerged through the data analysis. These themes included: (a) professional development, (2) leadership styles, (3) motivation, (4) school climate and culture. The findings in the study suggest that the principals were influential in implementing and facilitating a performance based pay initiative.


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