Edge-of-grid voltage control in distribution networks




Padullaparti, Harsha Vardhana

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As the electric power supply systems are undergoing major changes with the integration of renewables, the issues related to voltage regulation and system protection are arising. In this scenario, advanced voltage regulation technologies that provide voltage control at the grid-edge, that is at the low-voltage secondary side of the distribution circuit, have emerged as a potential solution to address the shortcomings of traditional voltage control practices in distribution systems. In this work, these technologies are modeled and algorithms are developed to strategically deploy them, tune their control parameters, and evaluate their voltage regulation performance. A two-stage optimization framework is proposed for optimal placement and real-time control of the low-voltage static var compensators to minimize the energy losses while maintaining the voltage regulation. Integration of high levels of distributed generation such as photovoltaic (PV) systems impacts the voltage regulation by causing steady-state voltage variations and transient voltage fluctuations. This work further develops a procedure to tune the control parameters of PV smart inverters to mitigate these voltage issues. Furthermore, the PV penetration levels in a distribution network can be increased without creating voltage problems by dynamic controlled reactive power absorption at several strategic buses. This concept is modeled and demonstrated in this work. Furthermore, the high levels of PV generation can interfere with the overcurrent protection schemes prevalent in distribution networks. An analytical approach is proposed in this work to estimate the distribution feeder PV accommodation limits with respect to overcurrent protection issues as the impact criteria, without needing to simulate numerous PV screening scenarios to assess the impact


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