Development of a Thermoplastic Biocomposite for 3D Printing

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Obielodan, John
Helman, Joshua
Grumbles, Andrew

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University of Texas at Austin


Organosolv lignin, a natural cross-linked phenolic wood polymer is a by-product of the pulping process in the paper industry. It is a renewable organic natural product with potential application in many areas. It has attractive properties that make it a potential candidate for fabricating useful parts using 3D printing. Also, polylactic acid (PLA), a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable sources is widely used in 3D printing polymer parts. This work seeks to study the technical viability of extruding different blends of PLA and organosolv lignin into filaments for 3D printing useful objects. Filament extrusions using different blends were evaluated. Also, the mechanical properties of printed test samples are presented. Viable blends of the biocomposite for 3D printing has the potential to provide an added-value to lignin for expanded use in many applications.


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