Progress Report: STARR Reservoir Characterization Study of the Frio Formation, Umbrella Point Field, Chambers County, Texas

dc.creatorVining, M. R.
dc.description.abstractThe Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG), The University of Texas at Austin, undertook a reservoir characterization study of the Middle Frio Formation in Umbrella Point field, Galveston Bay, Texas, on behalf of Goldking Production Company, Houston, Texas (the operator). The primary objectives were to integrate geologic and reservoir information available on the field and identify reserve-expansion potential in State Lands. Umbrella Point field is in a rollover anticline in Middle Frio Formation sandstones, in the footwall of a growth fault underlain by diapiric shale. The reservoir interval consists of stacked distributary-channel, delta-front, shoreface, barrier-island, and shore-parallel bar sandstones, interbedded with shales. The best recoveries have been from zones characterized by uniform channel and barrier-core sandstone deposits, separated by shales. Cross sections were used to correlate zone tops and collect log facies information. Four 2-D seismic lines were used to map the structural setting of the field, and structure maps were prepared using combined log and seismic data. Log facies were used to interpret gross stratigraphic divisions and depositional environments of the sandstones. Contoured sandstone thickness and reservoir porosity maps were made for each zone. Individual well histories were interpreted from Railroad Commission of Texas and commercial production data. Cumulative production and interpreted drainage area were mapped for each zone. Original hydrocarbons in place were calculated from average field parameters in 40-acre blocks and used to estimate the distribution of remaining mobile hydrocarbons.
dc.description.departmentBureau of Economic Geology
dc.relation.ispartofContract Reports
dc.subjectReservoir characterization
dc.subjectFrio Formation
dc.subjectUmbrella Point Field
dc.subjectChambers County
dc.subjectSTARR study
dc.titleProgress Report: STARR Reservoir Characterization Study of the Frio Formation, Umbrella Point Field, Chambers County, Texas

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