Review of Internationalizing the Writing Center: A Guide for Developing a Multilingual Writing Center, by Noreen G. Lape from Praxis: A Writing Center Journal Vol.19 No.2

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Chmarkh, Mustapha

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Internationalizing the Writing Center offers a roadmap for how to transition from an English-centric writing center to a multilingual writing center (MWC). The book “provides a rationale, a pedagogical plan, and an administrative method to maximize the potential of writing centers’ nascent multilinguality” (Lape 3). One of Noreen G. Lape’s goals behind writing this book was to streamline a response to the questions she received from Writing Center Administrators (WCAs) regarding foreign language (FL) tutor training and overall operation of the MWC. Specifically, Lape makes a compelling argument for implementing MWCs, especially given the author’s position as the director of the M. Eberly MWC at Dickinson College. Established in 1978, this MWC is currently offering peer tutoring in eleven languages.

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