Rights and rupees : a study of opportunities and challenges in Tibetan refugee existence in India




Brouwer, Nicholas Ray

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Perhaps one of the most “successful” refugee groups in the world, Tibetan existence in India is complicated nonetheless. Organized under the unique government-in-exile of the Central Tibetan Administration, Tibetan refugees have created a state-within-a-state; one that can hold international elections for its democratic institutions, tax its people, and provide welfare services. Despite these boons, Tibetans still struggle in political and bureaucratic limbo in India. Navigating their existence in India requires special attention to balancing the needs of the CTA and Tibetan people with their relationship to their Indian host population. If the relationship between host and guest becomes one where the host begins to envy the guest, conflict can arise. This report examines the particular opportunities and challenges faced by the Tibetan refugee community and the CTA in India and incorporates qualitative data to analyze the socioeconomic status of Tibetans in relation to Indians.


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