Resilience and sustainability : analyzing urban resilience and sustainability planning on the upper Texas Gulf Coast




Armstrong, Nicholas Ethan

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In this report, I analyze sustainability and resilience as part of the planning process by looking at efforts toward planning for local adaptability to changes in the natural environment and housing sustainability for the City of Galveston, Texas. In particular, I focus on the implications for low- and middle-income communities. To develop recommendations, I conducted case study research on the approaches to resilience planning taken by the Netherlands and by the City of New Orleans, Louisiana. The case of the Netherlands was used because it is often presented as an exemplar of planning for environmental resilience, particularly in the face of flooding. The case of New Orleans was selected due to its experience responding to challenges similar to those confronting Galveston: in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans struggled to remain accessible to long-time residents, many with low to moderate incomes, while also becoming more resilient to environmental threats. Lessons from these cases were used to develop recommendations for the City of Galveston. Primary recommendations include placing greater emphasis on retaining housing for low and moderate income residents, on ensuring ongoing access to jobs for these residents, and for adapting housing to coastal environmental conditions


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