Circuit breaker transient recovery voltage analysis with shunt capacitor bank configurations

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Guha, Anirudh

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Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) is an important consideration in the selection and installation of circuit breakers with appropriate ratings. Capacitor banks with inrush current limiting reactors are an integral part of the power system. Capacitor banks with inrush reactors on the load side terminal of the capacitor breaker alter the TRV seen across the breaker and it is critical to carry out the TRV analysis to prevent circuit breaker failure. TRV analysis has been performed for various capacitor bank - inrush reactor configurations, with the fault occurring at different terminals on the load side. Analytical solutions have been presented for both single-phase and three-phase ungrounded capacitor banks. Neutral displacement voltage of three-phase ungrounded capacitor banks result in increased stress across the breaker. Results have been validated with PSCAD simulation and MATLAB plots.



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