Fatigue Endurance Investigation of Post-processed Surfaces of LPBF Ti-6Al-4V under Flexural Stress

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University of Texas at Austin


Numerous research works can be found focusing on fatigue properties of AM components, however most of this literature is focused on uniaxial testing. Because the very few actual components under uniaxial loading conditions found in any application, it is also important to investigate fatigue performance under loads that produce combined stresses, such as bending. This project investigates the fatigue endurance of LPBF Ti-6Al-4V specimens subjected to four different surface finishing prost-processes (milled, ground, polished and abrasive media). The test consisted of a force-controlled cyclic load applied on the specimen in a 4-point bending setup until fracture. The study incorporated mechanical and optical techniques to measure and quantify the characteristic surface roughness of the post-processes. Additionally, failure mechanisms are discussed on fractographs. The data analyses suggested that internal defects commonly present in additively manufactured parts had a more significant impact on the fatigue life than surface roughness of post-processed parts.


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