Yvonne & Clyde




Slamka, Benjamin Garrett

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The following report describes the conception, pre-production, production, and post-production of the short film Yvonne & Clyde. Set in present day South East Texas, the film was shot in the Texas gulf towns of Bayside, Aransas Pass, and Port Aransas. The film follows the journey of the same two small time crooks named in its title as they drive towards the coast to extort money from an estranged relative. It’s an atmospheric piece centered on tone, setting, character, and performance rather than plot. It is a glimpse into the lives of these two long time friends on the last hundred or so miles of the trip. The majority of the writing contained in the report is a first-person narrative detailing the process of the film’s creation from its early genesis through to principal photography and into post-production. Included in the report is an early draft of the script.



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