Forensic Applications of Solid Freeform Fabrication 549

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Crockett, Robert S.
Zick, Rebecca

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Solid Freeform Fabrication was recently used to identify the dismembered body of a woman found in rural Wisconsin. Skin from the face of the victim had been removed, making visual identification impossible. A model of the skull was constructed by Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM), using data extracted from CT scans of the victim’s head. Forensic anthropologists performed a facial reconstruction directly on the LOM model, which was then photographed and distributed. The computer model was further manipulated and served as supplemental data to investigators preparing the reconstruction. An identification from one of the distributed photographs led to the arrest of a suspect and a subsequent conviction. This is the first example that we are aware of where SFF has been used in an active criminal case, and the successful results show a promising future for SFF as a forensic tool.



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