Inserting Components into Geometries Constructed onto a Non-Standard Substrate for Electronics Packaging

Plant, R.
Chang, S.
Hague, R.
Tuck, C.
Wildman, R.
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Additive manufacturing (AM) has matured from its initial concept as a prototyping technique to an industrial manufacturing process. Consequently, AM processes must meet relevant standards for an increasing number of applications. Here, we investigate inserting components into geometries constructed onto a silicon nitride substrate, using stereolithography (SLA), for the purpose of electronics packaging. Compared to conventional processes, SLA avoids high temperatures and stresses while permitting much greater flexibility to arrange components in three dimensions. This facilitates an increased feature density and the construction of packages for use in complex spaces. A characteristic of interest to this application, is the SLA material-substrate interaction and the resulting quality of adhesion. The adhesion mechanism between SLA and silicon nitride is investigated and substantially enhanced by a pre-treatment process. A process for then inserting large and complex geometries and components into the SLA build process is identified and compliance of the product with relevant standards is reviewed.